What We Need To Teach Our Sons

February 11, 2013

Have you ever wondered what you need to teach your sons so that they would grow up to be good men?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks to Certified Parenting Strategist and coach Kristian Orozco from The Boyhood Project about what parents of sons need to focus on. Listen in as Chiao Kee and Kristian talk about:

  • Why it’s important to raise emotionally intelligent boys;
  • How to encourage our sons to express their emotions;
  • Why thinking that allowing our sons to express their feelings may make them wimpy and whiny is a myth;
  • When boys start looking for role models on how to become men and where they are likely to turn to if their fathers are absent;
  • When and How to talk to our sons about sex and pornography; and much more.

Go HERE to listen to the show.

Whether or not you have daughters, we encourage you to listen to last week’s show on What We Need To Teach Our Daughters as some of the general parenting information shared is equally applicable to raising boys as well. To listen to this show, go HERE.

To connect with Chiao Kee, use the Contact form on this website or visit Today’s Parents on http://www.facebook.com/TodaysParents.

About The Guest

A parenting strategist specializing in emotional intelligence, Kristian Orozco is a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI). He is also facilitator of Positive Discipline, the renowned parenting method.

Since his early teens, Kristian has been a mentor, tutor, or coach of children and adults in topics such as math, English, music and spirituality. His passion in life, however, is being a change agent dedicated to raising our collective consciousness so we may lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Kristian is the founder of The Boyhood Project. The Boyhood Project has a dual purpose: to support parents in becoming more confident raising sons mindfully and to advocate on behalf of boys. His lecture, Raising Boys Today, highlights the importance of honoring boys by protecting their emotional lives so they can thrive on the road to manhood. He lives with his beautiful wife and two handsome boys in Brooklyn, NY.

To connect with Kristian Orozco or to find out more about The Boyhood Project, go to the website at http://www.theboyhoodproject.com.




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