Monthly Archives: November 2012

How To Make Your Relationship Indestructible

November 27, 2012

Have you ever heard stories about couples who have been together for forty, fifty or sixty years, whose relationships are still going strong? Ever wonder how they make it last? In America, approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce these days. Ever wonder what the other 50% does differently that makes their marriages last?...
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What To Do To Support Your Child’s Brain Development

November 13, 2012

Do you want to help your children achieve their full potential? Ever wondered how you can best support their brain development early in life so that they can grow up to be well-rounded adults? In this week’s one-hour special, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with two guests to find out what it is that...
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How To Be Protective of Your Children Without Being A Helicopter Parent

November 6, 2012

Are you a helicopter parent? Do you hover over your children all the time to make sure they don’t get hurt? Do you constantly worry about your child’s safety and wonder how you can keep them safe? This week, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with Professor of Child Development and author of the book...
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