Ten Things You Can Do To Be Better Parents To Your Children

January 7, 2013

The new year is well and truly underway, what are some new year’s resolutions you have for yourself when it comes to being a better parent to your children?

Do you vow to be more patient with them?

Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids?

Whatever it is, in this two-part mini-series, host Chiao Kee Lim shares her list of ten things you should focus on to be better parents to your children. Listen in as she shares information that she feels every parent should know when it comes to being a more positive and constructive parent in the new year.

Listen to Part 1 HERE.

Listen to Part 2 HERE.

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About The Host

Chiao Kee Lim is a three-time award-winning author. She is also the founder of the motivational blog- The Dirty 30s Club – a blog that promotes self awareness, personal empowerment and spirituality through stories and personal reflection.

After spending seven years of her career as a  Management Consultant working with large corporations and government departments improving their performance, she left her consulting career to follow her calling in life to teach and inspire others to be positive examples for their families and communities.

Chiao Kee is an ardent advocate for positive parenting. Using her personal experience of how unconscious parenting affect children into their adulthood, she talks about and interviews guest experts on her web radio show-Today’s Parents, with the intention of raising awareness in parents about the importance of being educated, informed and equipped to raise children in a positive way in today’s world.

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