How To Protect Your Child From Inappropriate Touching & Sexual Abuse

October 3, 2012

Did you know:

  • 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 4 boys are sexually abused? And
  • More than 90% of juvenile sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some ways?

So if you think that home and school are the safest place for your kids, you could be wrong. And if you think that the people you know would never violate your child, you could be wrong again.

No matter how uncomfortable this subject matter makes you feel, there is no denying that, sexual abuse does happen. The question is, would you rather your kids end up as part of the statistics or would you rather overcome the discomfort and teach your children how to protect themselves against it? As parents, it is our duty and responsibility to protect our children from inappropriate touching and sexual abuse. So, how do we teach our children to protect themselves without taking away their innocence?

In this week’s show, Today’s Parents speaks with mother of three, teacher, educator and author of the children’s book—Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept—Jayneen Sanders. Pay attention as Jayneen shares information on:

  • What counts as inappropriate touching.
  • Who is likely to be the target of inappropriate touching and sexual abuse.
  • A common mistake most parents make that put their children at risk of being sexually abused.
  • Long term implications of inappropriate touching and sexual abuse on children.
  • When to start and how to teach your children to protect themselves against predators without talking about sex.
  • Resources to help parents and teachers when it comes to preventative measures.

Click HERE to listen to the show.

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About The Guest

Jayneen (Jay) Sanders is an experienced primary school teacher, editor, author and publisher. She has authored and produced numerous award-winning titles for the educational publishing industry. Jay is an accomplished children’s book author, writing a number of titles for such literacy series as ZigZags, Totally Kidz, Deadly and Incredible, and a children’s picture book series for Penguin.

Jay is more importantly a mother of three teenage girls and has been a school councillor at her local primary school for over seven years. This time spent in primary schools both as a teacher and a parent inspired her to ask the question of her community: ‘What are we doing in schools to protect our children from sexual interference?’ When she realised very little was actually being done, she decided to use her authoring and publishing skills to write a book to help parents, carers and teachers to broach the subject of self-protection and to encourage children to speak up.

For more resources and information about Jayneen Sanders or the book—Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept, go to the website at




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